The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care have decided to create a blog where members of the pre-hospital community can write about their experiences and research. You do not need to be a member to post a blog though we would hope that you might consider becoming one!

The Faculty’s strategic objectives are to:

  • Set and maintain standards in pre-hospital care
  • Promote high quality education and teaching in pre-hospital care
  • Initiate technical development and contribute to the research agenda in pre-hospital care.
  • Effectively integrate the efforts of all participants in pre-hospital care
  • Engage in development of clinical policy through review of clinical evidence

The aim of the FPHC Website Blog is to allow for an area where members of the Pre-hospital Care community can come together to discuss fresh ideas, research, and experiences within the field and to start discussions among our wide audience of practitioners from first aiders, paramedics, doctors, nurses, first responders, voluntary aid workers and remote medics including multi agency teams such as police, fire and the armed forces.

Anyone in any of the groups above – or indeed any other PHEM groups we have inadvertently not mentioned – is welcome to submit a blog on any relevant topic. We hope to publish these at least monthly depending upon the demand. You do not need to be an FPHC member to do this.

If interested please contact fphc@rcsed.ac.uk in the first instance for guidance on the procedure involved.

We look forward to an interesting new dimension in our accessibility to and engagement with our wider membership.

Hon Secretary FPHC RCS Ed